Asian Lottery Winners

For many becoming an Asia Millions winner has been achieved by playing one of the many lotteries available in a variety of countries. Although on the whole the jackpots in the Asian lotteries are a lot smaller than those found in Europe, there have been quite a few substantial winners over the years. Here we take a look at some of the top prizes that have been awarded to Asian Lottery winners and some of the most impressive jackpots available in a selection of the lotteries played in Asian countries.

In November 2010 one lucky winner managed to match all the numbers of the Grand Lotto 6/55 in the Philippines to net themselves an Asia Millions jackpot of an impressive ₱ 741.1 million ( approximately €13 million), this is currently the highest Asian lottery prize won to date but of course, we could see another winner beat this in the future.

More Asian Millionaires!

The Japanese Lottery, Takarakuji, offers a game called Loto 6 and the jackpots for this game often reach ¥400 Million and by July 2006 a total of 15 jackpots had been won to create even more Asian millionaires!

Whichever of the Asian Lotteries that you may choose to participate in there are pretty impressive jackpots on offer and a selection of formats in which you can play. Asia millions come in many different currencies dependant on the country in whose lottery you are playing, and of course, with more Yen to the Pound than US Dollars, the jackpots look even more impressive! Play mobile games